Nomadic Monitoring & Prevention

MyAngel® VitalSigns is a medical device for observing and preventing patients at risk of early detection of cardiorespiratory pathologies.

Self sufficient, discreet and easy to use; MyAngel® VitalSigns transmits secure and real-time emergency notifications, as well as vital signs: 3-lead ECG, SPO2, core temperature, heart rate and breathing.

MyAngel® VitalSigns provides a combinatorial analysis of physio-markers and vital constants. It digitally synthesises information and continuously transmits the indicators chosen by doctors according to their specialties and prerogatives.

The patient is thus accompanied 24 hours a day in a personalised care pathway, whatever his pathology, as much in the medical environment as in his daily life.


MyAngel VitalSigns

Early detection of infarcts
Measurement of rhythm disorders
Control of vital parameters


MyAngel VitalSigns

Cardio-respiratory monitoring
Fall detection & Dehydration
Control of vital signs

Sports e-therapy

MyAngel VitalSigns

In development


MyAngel NeuroSigns
NeuroSoft & SomaSoft

Measurement of neurological and physiological activity
Sleep Apnea Syndrome Detection
Active polysomnography

Chronic Diseases

MyAngel VitalSigns
CardioSoft & EndoSoft

Measurement of Stress Hypo & Hyperglycemia
Detection of rhythm disorders
Hemodynamic stability

Sleep e-therapy

MyAngel NeuroSigns

In development


MyAngel VitalSigns

Evaluation of the Adequate Oxygen Dose (AO2D)
Increased lung capacity
Improvement of the ambulatory system by AO2D


MyAngel VitalSigns

Medical supervision accessible to all
Optimisation of nursing protocol


MyAngel VitalSigns

In development

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